“There’s a long tradition of quirky, experimental, improvising big bands in Belgium and Holland.  Starting with Willem Breuker through Misha Mengelberg and the ICP and others, these bands have a distinctive European sound. The 15-piece Flat Earth Society has been around now for approaching 20 years and sits firmly in that tradition. Their website carries the strapline: “The most unreliable music since 1999.”
That, and the title of this double album, give a clue to the band’s nature, so too the naming of the two individual CDs which are called Side 1… and Side A. The sleeve is another clue with a large photo of Tommy Cooper inside the hologram front cover. The music covers a range of influences from Ellington to Mingus to Zappa with extra input from circus and brass band traditions.”

“the beauty of Flat Earth Society is that it is a true ensemble playing exciting, complex music with a real sense of fun.” (London Jazz News)